Cocobolo veneer

Above you see an example of Cocobolo veneer. If you are interested in this specie, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of Cocobolo veneer

Latin name:

Dalbergia retusa; Fam. Fabaceae

Other names:

Coccobolo, Palo Sando, Grenadillo, Nambar


very hard and dense wood with slightly undulated grain, very decorative, hardly fissile, but good workable, high oil content makes it difficult to glue, robust and very resistant to age; endangered species/CITES permit mandatory

Wood color:

creamy yellow sapwood, heartwood dark orange to deep red with black veins, quickly darkening under influence of light


Central America: Pacific coast from Mexico to Panama


interior design, hand knifes, tool handles, wooden wind instruments, walking sticks, turnery, sculpting, brush production

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