Dabéma veneer

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Characteristics of Dabéma veneer

Latin name:

Piptadeniastrum africanum Brenan., Syn. Piptadenia africana Hook. f.; Fam. Mimosaceae

Other names:

Faut-Iroko, Atui, Dahoma, Agboin, Ekhimi, Gaw, Ake, Atui, Bokombolo, Erundi, Toum, Banzu, Mpewere, African Oak


strong wood of medium hardness and high brittleness, rotary cut only after intensive steaming, very durable and resistant

Wood color:

whitish to pale brown sapwood, light greybrown to light yellow golden brown, partially with greenish golden glance


West- to East Africa (westafrican coast, Senegal to Angola, Sudan to Uganda)


floorings, construction lumber, waggons, ship-, marine and bridge building

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