European White Ash veneer

Above you can see an example of European White Ash veneer. If you are interested in this specie, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of European White Ash veneer

Latin name:

Fraxinus excelsior; Fam. Oleaceae

Other names:

White Ash, European Ash, Common Ash, Frêne blanc, Europäische Esche


one of the tallest European trees, fast growing with valuable heavy heartwood, shock resistant, highly elastic and so well bendable in different shapes, almost always straight and attractive coarse open grain, only few trees show curly or figured structures, easily workable with all tools, White Ash is also easily stainable and polishable

Wood color:

heartwoodtree with only little color difference between wide withish sapwood and lighter brown heartwood. Older trees partially feature - light to chocolate brown heartwood (Brown Ash) - clear alternation between light yellowish and darker brown t


native to most of Europe, parts of Asia Minor, Caucasus


interior design and furnitures such as tables and chairs, doors, floorings, stairs, pieces of sports equipment, tool handles, bending shape parts

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