Palm veneer

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Characteristics of Palm veneer

Latin name:

various > around 200 genera with ~2600 species ; Fam. Arecaceae

Other names:



no growth rings, heartwood or branches and therefore free from knots and other devaluating attributes, trees are harvested from long existing palm plantations as a by-product of coconut production

Wood color:

golden to dark redbrown (similar Ebony) with darkbrown springe patterns, Palm wood is available in two categories: 1. medium brown wood with medium density 2. dark brown wood with high density


tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, South-East Asia


suitable for interior and exterior designs, application also depends on the density: > medium density wood for walls, ceiling joists > high density wood for structural functions like pillars, trusses, furniture, windows, doorframes, deckings

Video Palm veneer

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