Sucupira veneer

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Characteristics of Sucupira veneer

Latin name:

Diplotropis purpurea; Fam. Fabaceae

Other names:

Sukupira, Coeur dehors, Cutiuba, Macanaiba, Sapupira, Arenillo, Zapan Negro, Tatabu, Baaka Kiabici, Chontaquiro, Huasai-Caspi, Zwarte Kabbes, Congrio, Alcornoque


wood of great strength and outstanding durability, distinct hardness, exellent technical features, but difficult to work ,very resistant against fungal and insect attack, medium to coarse texture, straight or interlocked grain, warm lively surface

Wood color:

yellowish sapwood, clearly separated heartwood with consistant chocolate brown color and fine lighter stripes, matt glance, partially with purple brown nuances


tropical South America, primarily Brazil and Venezuela


parquets, stairs, high class furniture, panelings, picture frames, turnery, heavy construction works, railway sleepers, bridge buildings

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