Timborana veneer

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Characteristics of Timborana veneer

Latin name:

Piptadenia spp.; Fam. Fabaceae

Other names:

Angelium, Angico, Batibatra, Coumarouna odorata, Cobi, Jebio, Galondrino, Harino, Hevio, Menudito, Timbauba, Yiguire


very hard and durable with coarse, even texture, the fine grain may be straight or interlocked and is partially wavy, wood is similar to Teak, special hardness makes this specie quite difficult to work with

Wood color:

yellowish creamy colored sapwood, heartwood from light yellow to golden to medium brown, sometimes darker vains, quickly darkening to reddish tones under the influence of light


Central America to Brazil, Colombia, Guayana, Venezuela


mainly used for floorings, but also fine furnitures, carpentry, musical instruments, heavy constructions

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