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Video: Vintage Oak Veneer

Vintage veneers - this video introduces you with Vintage Oak an antique veneer specialty which is sliced of recycled old beams. (83) Vintage Oak arouses new design ideas?

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Video: Red Oak Veneer

With Red Oak veneers this video represents another specie of the big Oak family. The valuable Red Oak veneers are originated in North America and maybe used for a great number of purposes. (69) If Red Oak maybe considered for realizing your ideas please send your detailed inquiry.

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Video: Oak Cluster Veneer

This video presents another Oak variation named Oak Cluster veneers, commonly also known as Pippy Oak or Knotty Oak (65). You want to know more about the curly grain of Oak Cluster veneers?

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Video: Bog Oak Veneer

This video of Bog Oak veneers is showing you very old wood, preserved under acidic conditions for hundreds or even thousands of years. The Bog Oak veneers introduced here have an age of more than 3000 years. (41) Bog Oak veneers are what you are looking for?

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Video: Oak Rough Cut Veneer

This video shows you rough sawn Oak veneers with a highly interesting new optic. Beside rough cut Oak are also other 3D-veneers available. (25) You want to know more?

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Video: Brown Oak Veneer

This video presents you Brown Oak veneers, a specialty from England. (5) If you have interest in classic style Brown Oak veneers, please contact us.

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