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Video: Indian Rosewood Veneer

Our video introduces you in East Indian Rosewood veneers, here presented in quarter cut. The wood has a deep color ranging from dark brown to dark purple and is showing excellent results when polished (73). East Indian Rosewood veneer is the wood of your choice?

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Video: Rengas Veneer

Our video introduces you with Rengas veneer another member of the rosewood family. This decorative deep red Rosewood type has its origin in Asia. (34) Rengas veneers find your interest?

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General: NEW ARRIVAL Indian Rosewood Veneers

New Indian Rosewood veneers have arrived now. Some logs available with FSC certification.

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Video: Santos Rosewood Veneer

Watch the beauty of South America in our Santos Rosewood veneer video. Santos Rosewood attracts through its reddish purple to lightbrown to blackbrown grain, huge color variations are possible in this interesting wood. (14) If you want to learn more about this kind of veneer, please contact us.

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