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Video: Sapeli Figured Veneer

This video presents an outstanding log of Sapeli figured veneers (66).  The figured Sapeli veneers may fit for your particular purpose?

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Video: Sapeli Drape Veneer

This video shows a huge and unique log of Sapeli Drape veneer with even more than 40.000sqms! The patterns impress with a lot of movement combined with Pommele effect. (55) You are fascinated and want to know more about Sapeli Drape veneers?

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Video: Sapeli Pommele Veneer I

Our video shows you with Sapeli Pommele Veneer a specie with limited availability. The superior quality is optimally suitable for elegant interior decorations. (49)

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Video: Pencil Striped Qrtd Sapeli Veneer

Quartered Sapeli Veneers with special pencil stripe grain are shown in this video. (38) Such pencil striped Sapeli veneers awake your interest?

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Video: Sapeli Pommele Veneer II

Sapeli Pommele veneers show a specific, highly expressive figure with patterns liken to bubbles or blisters in a medium to dark reddish-brown color. (16) You are looking for an exclusive veneer for interior decoration purpose? Sapeli Pommele with its beautiful three-dimensional look might be the right choice. Enjoy the wonderful pommele look in the numerous samples of Sapeli Pommele in this video.

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