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Video: Sapeli Drape Veneer

This video shows a huge and unique log of Sapeli Drape veneer with even more than 40.000sqms! The patterns impress with a lot of movement combined with Pommele effect. (55) You are fascinated and want to know more about Sapeli Drape veneers?

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Video: Sapeli Pommele Veneer I

Our video shows you with Sapeli Pommele Veneer a specie with limited availability. The superior quality is optimally suitable for elegant interior decorations. (49)

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Video: Sapeli Pommele Veneer II

Sapeli Pommele veneers show a specific, highly expressive figure with patterns liken to bubbles or blisters in a medium to dark reddish-brown color. (16) You are looking for an exclusive veneer for interior decoration purpose? Sapeli Pommele with its beautiful three-dimensional look might be the right choice. Enjoy the wonderful pommele look in the numerous samples of Sapeli Pommele in this video.

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Video: Imbuya Pommele Veneer

Our Imbuya Pommele veneer video introduces another highly decorative type of wood from South America. (8) Please send us your quotation request for the intensely shimmering Imbuya Pommele wood.

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