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This is an example of Amara Ebony veneer.

Characteristics of Amara Ebony veneer

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This is an example of Amboina burl veneer.

Characteristics of Amboina burl veneer

Latin name:
Pterocarpus indicus; Fam. Leguminosae
Other names:
Amboyna burl, Narra
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This is an example of Bamboo veneer.

Characteristics of Bamboo veneer

Latin name:
various; Fam. Gramineae
Other names:
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This is an example of Birch burl veneer.

Characteristics of Birch burl veneer

Latin name:
Betula pendula Roth., f.carelica, subdivision of Betula verrucosa; Fam. Betulaceae
Other names:
Birch Burl, Karelian Birch, Karelian Burl, Alpine Birch Burl, Birke Maser, Masurian Birch
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This is an example of Birdseye Maple.

Characteristics of Birdseye Maple veneer

Latin name:
Acer saccharum; Fam. Sapindaceae
Other names:
Vogelaugenahorn, Erable, Black Maple, Curly Maple, Fiddleback Maple, Northern Maple, Rock Maple, Sugar Maple
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This is an example of Brown Oak burl veneer.

Characteristics of Brown Oak burl veneer

Latin name:
no own specie, lat. Quercus sppl.; Fam. Fagaceae
Other names:
for Brown Oak: Brauneiche, Roble negro, Rovero bruno, Chene brun
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This is an example of Bubinga pommele veneer.

Characteristics of Bubinga pommele veneer

Latin name:
lat. Bubinga = Guibourtia demeusei, Guibourtia tessmannii, Guiburtia pellegriniana; Fam. Caesalpiniaceae
Other names:
for the specie: Kevazingo, Kewazinga, Akume, African Rosewood, Eban
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This is an example of Camphor burl veneer.

Characteristics of Camphor burl

Latin name:
Cinnamomum camphora; Fam. Lauraceae
Other names:
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This is an example of Elm burl veneer.

Characteristics of Elm burl veneer

Latin name:
Elm = Ulmus campestris; Fam. Ulmaceae
Other names:
Carpathian Elm burl, Ulmen Maser
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This is an example of figured Eucalyptus veneer.

Characteristics of Figured Eucalyptus veneer

Latin name:
Eucalyptus spp. > 500 species; Fam. Myrtaceae
Other names:
Eukalyptus, Eucalipto
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