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This is an example of Madrona burl veneer.

Characteristics of Madrona burl Veneer

Latin name:
Arbutus menziesii; Fam. Ericaceae
Other names:
for Madrona: Madrone, Madronia, Madrono, Manzanita, Pacific Madrone
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This is an example of Mahogany crotch veneer.

Characteristics of Mahogany crotch veneer

Latin name:
specie = Khaya ivorensis A Chev.; Fam. Meliaceae
Other names:
Mahagoni Pyramiden
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This is an example of Mappa burl veneer.

Characteristics of Mappa burl veneer

Latin name:
Black Poplar = Populus nigra; Fam. Salicaceae
Other names:
Poplar Burl, Mapa Burl, Mapi Burl, Mapa Maser, Loupe de Peuplier, Lupa de Chopo
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This is an example of Moabi pommele veneer.

Characteristics of Moabi Pommele Veneer

Latin name:
Moabi = Baillonella toxisperma Pierre; Fam. Sapotaceae
Other names:
Moabi = African Pearwood, Adjap, Ayap, Dimpampi, Muamba jaune
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This is an example of Movingue veneer.

Characteristics of Figured Movingue veneer

Latin name:
Distemonanthus benhamianus Baill.; Fam. Caesalpiniaceae
Other names:
Movingui, Movenghi, Nigerian Satinwood, Oguemenia, Barre, Eyen, Ayan, Ayanran, Bonsamdua
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This is an example of Muirapiranga veneer.

Characteristics of Muirapiranga veneer

Latin name:
Brosimum paraense; Fam. Moraceae
Other names:
Satiné, Bloodwood, Cacique, Conduru, Doekaliballi, Falso pao, Falso pau, Ferolia, Palo de oro, Pau rainha, Satiné rouge, Satiné rubane, Siton Paya
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This is an example of Nogal veneer.

Characteristics of Nogal veneer

Latin name:
Juglans spp.; Fam. Juglandaceae
Other names:
South American Walnut, Tropical Walnut, Peruvian Walnut, Tocte
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This is an example of Oak rough cut veneer.

Characteristics of Oak rough cut veneer

Latin name:
Quercus spp.; Fam. Fagaceae
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This is an example of Smoked Oak veneer.

Characteristics of Smoked Oak veneer

Latin name:
European Oak = Quercus robur L., Quercus petreae Liebl.; Fam. Fagaceae
Other names:
Fumed Oak, Räuchereiche
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This is an example of Olive veneer.

Characteristics of Olive veneer

Latin name:
Olea europaea; Fam. Olceaceae
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