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This is an example of quilted weathered Sycamore veneer.

Characteristics of Quilted Weathered Sycamore Veneer

Latin name:
Sycamore: Acer pseudoplatanus L.; Fam. Aceraceae
Other names:
for Sycamore: European Maple, White Maple, False Planetree
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This is an example of Tamo veneer.

Characteristics of Tamo veneer

Latin name:
Fraxinus mandschurica; Fam. Oleaceae
Other names:
Damo, Yachidamo, Japanese/ Mandsurian Ash
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This is an example of Walnut veneer.

Characteristics of Walnut veneer

Latin name:
Juglans nigra; Fam. Juglandaceae
Other names:
Eastern Walnut, American Black Walnut
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This is an example of Ziricote veneer.

Characteristics of Ziricote veneer

Latin name:
Cordia dodecandra; Fam. Boraginaceae
Other names:
Siricote, Canalete, Laurel, Freijo, Peterebi
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