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This is an example of African Lacewood veneer.

Characteristics of African Lacewood veneer

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This is an example of African Padouk veneer.

Characteristics of African Padouk veneer

Latin name:
Pterocarpus soyauxii Taub.; Fam. Fabaceae
Other names:
African Corail Wood, Padouk, Padauk, Amboina, Amboyna, Narra
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This is an example of Lati veneer.

Characteristics of Lati veneer

Latin name:
Amphimas ferrugineus Pierre, Amphimas pterocarpoides Harms; Fam. Caesalpiniaceae
Other names:
Muizi, Bokanga, Edjuin, Edjin, Edzil, Edzui
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This is an example of Louro Faia veneer.

Characteristics of Louro Faia veneer

Latin name:
Roupala spp.; Fam. Protaceae
Other names:
Cedro Borado, Catucaém, Carvalho Brasileiro, Faieira, Elfenholz, Perlholz
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This is an example of Plane Tree veneer.

Characteristics of Plane Tree veneer

Latin name:
Platanus x acerifolia
Other names:
Platane, European Plane, London Plane Tree
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