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This is an example of Afrormosia veneer.

Characteristics of Afrormosia veneer

Latin name:
Pericopsis elata Van Meeuwen, Fam. Fabaceae
Other names:
Assamela, Afromosia, Gold Teak, Kokrodua
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This is an example of Amara Ebony veneer.

Characteristics of Amara Ebony veneer

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This is an example of Amazakoue veneer.

Characteristics of Amazakoue veneer

Latin name:
Guibourtia ehie J. Léonhard.; Fam. Caesalpiniaceae
Other names:
Ovengkol, Amazaque, Hyeduanini, Anokye, Palissandre
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This is an example of Amboina burl veneer.

Characteristics of Amboina burl veneer

Latin name:
Pterocarpus indicus; Fam. Leguminosae
Other names:
Amboyna burl, Narra
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This is an example of American Cherry veneer.

Characteristics of American Cherry veneer

Latin name:
Prunus serotina; Fam. Rosaceae
Other names:
Black Cherry, Mountain Black Cherry
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This is an example of figured Anegre veneer.

Characteristics of Figured Anegre veneer

Latin name:
Aningeria robusta; Fam. Sapotaceae
Other names:
Anégré Blanc, Aningre, Anigre, Longhi, Tanganyika Nut
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This is an example of Angelim Pedra veneer.

Characteristics of Angelim Pedra

Latin name:
Hymenolobium petraeum; Fam. Fabaceae
Other names:
Angelim Vermelho, Angelim Ferro, Gurupa, Faveira Grande
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This is an example of Black Limba veneer.

Characteristics of Black Limba veneer

Latin name:
Terminalia superba; Fam. Combretaceae
Other names:
Fracé, Kojagei, Ofram, Afara, Akom, N´Ganga, Korina
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This is an example of Bocote veneer.

Characteristics of Bocote veneer

Latin name:
Cordia gerascanthus; Fam. Boraginaceae
Other names:
Mexican Rosewood, Rio Grande Rosewood
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This is an example of Bog Oak veneer.

Characteristics of Bog Oak veneer

Latin name:
no own specie, lat. Quercus sppl., Fam. Fagaceae
Other names:
Mooreiche, Schwarzeiche, subfossile Eiche, Chene fossile, Roble Negro
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