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Ebony veneer

Above you see an example of Ebony veneer. If you are interested in Ebony veneers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of Ebony veneer

Latin name:
Diospyros ebenum Koen., D. ferrea Willd., D. melanoxylon Roxb., D. mollis Griff., D. insularis Bakh, Fam. Ebenaceae
Other names:
Amara Ebony, Ceylon Ebony, Papua Ebony, Makleua, Mun
very decorative wood of extreme hardness, slicable only after intensive cooking
Wood color:
deep black heartwood, partially with deep blue-black shade
South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka
for highest demand architectural design, veneers for interior design, inlays, carvings, musical instruments, works of art

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