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Chen Chen veneer

Above you see an example of Chen Chen veneer. If you are interested in this specie, please do not hesitate ot contact us. 

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Characteristics of Chen Chen veneer

Latin name:
Antiaris toxicaria; Fam. Moraceae
Other names:
Chenchen, Ako, Kyenkyen, Kirundu, Mumaka, Oro, Ogiovu, Mkuzu, Mlulu
relatively soft and lightweight wood with interlocked grain patterns and a coarse texture, lustrous, well stainable, easily workable with all tools
Wood color:
sapwood almost not distincted from heartwood, light color which ranges from yellowish white to yellowish brown, darkening to golden brown
tropical West-, Central and East Africa
architectural woodworking, furniture components, panels, plywood, light joinery, boxes, low duty constructions

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