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Jatoba Veneer

Above you see an example of Jatoba veneer. If you are interested in this specie, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of Jatoba Veneer

Latin name:
Hymenaea courbaril; Fam. Fabaceae
Other names:
Brazilian Cherry, Algarrobo, Cuapinol, Courbaril, Guapinol, Jatahy, Kawanari, Locust, Paquio, Rode Locus, West Indian Locust
wood of extreme hardness and high density, interlocked grain, medium to coarse texture with natural luster, difficult to saw and plane, one of the most popular exotic woods, similar to Teak
Wood color:
gray white or pinkish sapwood, heartwood can show large color variations: orange brown to salmon red, deep red when freshly cut turning to rich reddish brown when seasoned, wood sometimes developes black streaks
Southern Mexico, Central America, extending to Brazil, Bolivia and Peru
floorings, furnitures, tool handles, stair treads, railroad ties, carpentry, cabinetry, woodworking joinery, athletic equipment

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