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Moabi Pommele Veneer

Above you see an example of Moabi pommele Veneer. If you are interested in this specie, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of Moabi Pommele Veneer

Latin name:
Moabi = Baillonella toxisperma Pierre; Fam. Sapotaceae
Other names:
Moabi = African Pearwood, Adjap, Ayap, Dimpampi, Muamba jaune
very heavy hardwood with beautiful texture, unique pommele patterns with irregulary differing grain
Wood color:
sapwood pale yellow to pinkish grey, heartwood, heartwood reddish to pinkish brown, darkening in a deep red brown tone
West Africa from Nigeria to Democratic Republic of Congo
very exclusive interior design, joinery, musical instruments

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