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Teak flat cut veneer

Above you see an example of flat cut Teak veneer. If you are interested in this specie, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of Teak flat cut veneer

Latin name:
Tectona grandis L. f.; Fam. Verbenaceae
Other names:
Sagwan, Kyun, Jati, Tek, May Sak
very resistant against insects and decay, surface is slightly oily, instead of varnishing Teak is usually oiled; one of only few tropical woods that can be cultivated in plantations; valuable and one of Asias most important export woods
Wood color:
dark yellow when first cut, darkening to deep brown under exposure to light, dark olive brown to black stripes, esp. shown in Burma Teak, Teak is differed in Golden and Streaked Teak
Monsoon forests of South and South East Asia, f.e. Burma, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia
used as lumber, plywood and veneers for furniture, architectural woodworks, interior design, joinery, cabinetry, panelings, parquet flooring, ship and boat building, dock and harbour works

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Video Teak flat cut veneer

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